Dear friends,

Welcome to Celia's Innovation 絲絲的创作.
I am the designer and engineer for all the projects that you can see in all the albums. I have a full time job and this is my hobby which allows me to relax just by looking at the beads. :P

I started beading since year 2003 and since then, it has became an essential part of my life.

I love beading and my passion for beading will continue.....

My hobby has turned part time biz. I have a range of fine & unique handcrafted jeweleries for everyone.

I also do customization of jeweleries for special occasions. Your budget is not just important to you but important to me too because I want to you to feel happy. Let me know and I'll work towards your budget.

All items posted here are handcrafted and one of its kind.

So... if you have any love at first sight, want it in another color and/or have it in your own style & design?? How to purchase?? Any enquiries, feedback and/or suggestion??

Do not hesitate to Email Me.

247ER: Makoto - SGD29.90

Earrings: Swarvoski crystals/pearls, crystal pearls.
Dangles estimate 3.8cm

245N: Tania - SGD35.90

Necklace/Pendant: Crystal pearls, czech beads and resins beads.
With extension of about 5cm.

244ER: Morgana - SGD7.90

Earrings: Swarovski crystal pearls.
Dangles estimate 6.7cm & 4.2cm.

Monthly Special : $4.90

243ER: Fruitee - SGD10.90

Earrings: Glass beads
Dangle estimate 4.5cm.
No re-make available.

SOLD! 242ER: Lavinia - SGD7.90

Earrings: Swarovski crystal pearls (Purple) and gemstone (Red Garnet)
Dangles estimate 3.7cm.

241BR: Kerryn II - SGD20.90

Bracelet: Swarovski crystals and pearls

241N: Kerryn - SGD39.90

Necklace: Swarovski crystals and pearls
Purchase with purchase: 241BR - Kerryn II @ SGD12
White gold plated toggle

240N: Adena - SGD39.90

Necklace: Swarovski crystals (Clear AB)
Purchase with purchase:
140ER - Ames & 151ER - Ziva @ SGD8/pair
or 152ER - Cherish @ SGD10

239ER: Kevine - SGD8.90

Earrings: Garnet (red) and Swarovski crystal pearls
Dangles estimate 3cm

SOLD! 238ER: Miranda II - SGD13.80

Earrings: Swarovski crystals and pearls
Dangles estimate 3.8cm

238N: Mirinda - SGD35.80

Necklace: Swarovski crystals and pearls
With about 5cm extension.
Purchase with purchase: 238ER - Mirinda II @ SGD6

237N: Claral - SGD33.80

Necklace: Swarovski crystals (clear white) and pearls (black and pink)
Purchase with purchase: 148ER - Elegant II @ SGD6

Ending of necklace. High quality toggle.

SOLD! 236N: Ryo II - SGD32

Necklace: Swarovski crystal pearls (Light purple) and Garnet (dark red)
Also see matching earring (236ER - Ryo)

SOLD! 235BR: Krystal - SGD23

Bracelet: Swarovski crystals (Baroque Drop & Simplicity) &
Fresh water pearls (red)
Bells are optional
With extension for adjustment.

Pre-order required for this item. Other colors is available.
Close up view

SOLD! 236ER: Ryo - SGD8.80

Earrings: Swarovski crystal pearls (light purple) and Garnet (dark red)
Dangles estimate 2.5cm & 4cm.
Also see matching necklace (236N - Ryo II)

234HP: Wynn - SGD7.90

Get this FREE with single purchase above $68.
Mobile phone accessory: Fresh water pearls & crystal pearls.

233ER: Yokiko - SGD38.90

Earrings: Swarovski crystals and Fresh water pearls.
Dangles estimate 3.3cm & 3cm.

232P: Misae - SGD39.90

Pendant with silver chain necklace.
Swarovski crystals (AB x 2) & Fresh water pearl.
With extension for length adjustment.

231ER: Rita - SGD8.90

Earrings: Chip stones (Mother of pearl)
Drops estimate 2.8cm.

SOLD! 230ER: Anabelle - SGD8.90

Earrings. Dangles estimate 3.8cm. Re-make unavailable.

229BB: Baby anklet - SGD8.90

Baby anklet: Cultured pearls.
Bell included.
Estimated length: 12cm (including clasp).
Convertible to Mobile phone accessory.

228BB: Baby anklet - SGD8.90

Baby anklet: Fresh water pearls.
Bell can be added upon request.
Estimated length: 15cm (including clasp).
Convertible to Mobile phone accessory.

227P: Garden of Love - SGD36

Pendant: Components - Swarovski crysals, fresh water pearls, glass beads, ceremic flowers, copper wire works.
Necklace included (Black)
(Design courtesy of Cindy Chan)

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