Dear friends,

Welcome to Celia's Innovation 絲絲的创作.
I am the designer and engineer for all the projects that you can see in all the albums. I have a full time job and this is my hobby which allows me to relax just by looking at the beads. :P

I started beading since year 2003 and since then, it has became an essential part of my life.

I love beading and my passion for beading will continue.....

My hobby has turned part time biz. I have a range of fine & unique handcrafted jeweleries for everyone.

I also do customization of jeweleries for special occasions. Your budget is not just important to you but important to me too because I want to you to feel happy. Let me know and I'll work towards your budget.

All items posted here are handcrafted and one of its kind.

So... if you have any love at first sight, want it in another color and/or have it in your own style & design?? How to purchase?? Any enquiries, feedback and/or suggestion??

Do not hesitate to Email Me.

474BR: Tamaka III - SGD26.90

Bracelet (Triple strand): Crystal glass beads (black and purple) with "BLING BLING"
Swarovski crystal (white)
Customized. Pre-order required.
Matching necklace 470N - Tamaka
Matching earring 471ER - Tamaka II

Full Swarovski crystals : SGD36.90

473N : Viona - SGD25.90

Necklace: Mix of Swarovski crystals (golden sand), crystal glass beads (champagne gold) and Crystal pearls (brown and bronze)
Mid length (at chest) with toggles
With "BLING BLING" on the 2 "tails".
Full Swarovski crystals : SGD36.90

 Close up

472N: Cybele - SGD25.90

Necklace: Mix of Swarovski crystals (golden sand), crystal glass beads (pink and purple) and Crystal pearls (pink)
Mid length (at chest) with extension
With lots of "BLING BLING"
Full Swarovski crystals : SGD36.90

Close up

471ER: Tamaka II - SGD23.90

Earring: Crystal glass beads (black and purple) with black lace ribbon
"X" with "BLING BLING"
Customized. Pre-order required.
Matching necklace 470N - Tamaka
Full Swarovski crystals : SGD28.90

470N: Tamaka - SGD32.90

Necklace: Mix of Swarovski crystals (white) and crystal glass beads (black and purple)
Mid length (at chest) with extension
With lots of "BLING BLING"
Customized. Pre-order required.
Matching earring: 471ER - Tamaka II 
Full Swarovski crystals : SGD42.90

Hair Accessories - Mini Clips For Her (Ready stock)

Something for your little princess. :)

Please click here for the link. 

Happy shopping.

Celia's Innovation BIG SALE!!! (this link has been removed as the GSS is over) :P

To go with the Great Singapore Sale, I have come up 2 albums for this purpose.

Here are the links to the 2 albums.

1. Earrings; and 
2. Necklaces and Bracelets

Happy shopping.

469ER: Kachelle - SGD28.90

Earrings: Mother-of-pearl teardrop bead, 9 mini diamonte (each side) with U-dangling chains.
Dangles estimate 7.5 cm
Color: Dark pink
 Re-make unavailable.

468ER: Sarah - SGD23.90

Earrings: Handcrafted flowers and glass beads
Dangles estimate 7cm (includes chain)
Color: Purple, off-white and green
Re-make unavailable .

467BR: Maretta - SGD23.90

Bracelet: Swarovski crystal pearls and Mother-of-pearl
Length adjustable (with silver toggle)
Color: Pearl - White
Mother-of-pearl - Pink

466ER: Yumi - SGD28.90

SOLD! Earrings: Swarovski crystals, high quality glass flowers.
Dangles estimate 4 cm and 4.5 cm
Color: Pink

RESERVED! Earrings: Swarovski crystals, high quality glass flowers.
Dangles estimate 5.2 cm

SOLD! Earrings: Swarovski crystals, glass beads with clay flowers.
Dangles estimate 5 cm and 5.3cm
Color: Flower - Purple with slight gold dust
Wire - Turquoise

All above not available for re-make (same color).

Mother's Day Special

Dear friends,

We have come up with a series of items for the purpose of the coming Mother's day.
Please click on this link to the items.
"Mother's Day Special"


Change of Blog address

Dear friends,

For your information, I have just changed my blog address for Celia's Innovation.

New blog address is



436ER: Mashawna - SGD9.90

Earrings: Cateyes and Crystals
Color: Cateyes - Pink
Crystals - White
Dangles estimate 5cm

Change of email addy

Dear friends,

I have just changed my email addy. 
New email with immediate effect.


SOLD! 435ER: Sancia - SGD11.90

Earrings: Clay flowers & cateyes with silver chain
Color: Cateyes - yellow
Dangles estimate 3.5cm & 5cm

434ER: Wisia - SGD19.90

Earrings: Swarovski crystals and pearls
Color: Pearls - Pink (frosted)
Crystals - multiple
Dangles estimate 6cm

433ER: Madelina - SGD16.90

Earrings: Clay flowers
Color: Pink
Drops estimate 2cm

431BR: Garcelle - SGD19.90

Bracelet: Swarovski crystal pearls, Glass beads
Color: Pearls - Pink
Glass beads - Purple

430ER: Prissy - SGD15.90

Earrings:Swarovski crystals
Color: Gold
Dangles estimate 2.5cm

429ER: Pammie - SGD9.90

Earrings: Crystal pearls
Color: Dark red
Drops estimate 2.5cm

SOLD! 428ER: Paisley - SGD19.90

Earrings: Clay flowers, glass beads and seed beads
Drops estimate 2.5cm

427ER: Adalyn - SGD8.90

Earrings: Glass beads
Color: Red and White
Dangles estimate 2.5cm

Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day

Special Promotion for the Special Days...

Choose either one for your purchases.

Option A
Chinese New Year
FREE** 1 pair of DIY mandarin oranges for every purchase of S$38.
     Free orange sample

Includes free normal local posting.
Free registered mail for purchase above S$68.

Option B
Valentine's Day
FREE** pendant (inclusive of chain) for every purchase of S$48.

So Hurry before you know its over!!!

* Assorted designs available. Randomly picked.
** First come first serve. Purchase order must be place on or before 15 Jan 2010.
Promotion ends 28 Feb 2010.


Dear Friends,

For this new year, there will not be any more of the special discounts/promotions for every month. However, the "Monthly Special" will remain. At least 15 items will be listed as "Monthly Special" and these items may change from time to time.

Do take the chance to grab special priced items every month.

Enjoy!! (^_^)

Happy New Year!!!


Happy New Year to all my friends.

It's been a year and 4 months since I've started this blog. I hope everyone has enjoyed viewing my works/creations for the past year.

Resolution for this new year is to post up more great creations.

Thank you for your time.


426BR: Kalyn - SGD15.90

Bracelet: Swarovski crystals and Crystal pearls

425ER: Hisolda - SGD14.90

Earrings: Swarovski crystal pearls and crystals
Color: Silver and multi-colors for crystals and pearls
Dangles estimate 5cm

SOLD! 424ER: Riina - SGD9.90

Earrings: Butterfly with dangling chains
Color: Silver
Dangles estimate 6.5cm

422N: Novella - SGD13.90

Necklace: Tear drop stone and czech glass beads
Length: Long
Color: Pink

421BR: Tyesha - SGD12.90

Bracelet: Czech glass beads
Color: Black
Button clasp

420N: Dylana - SGD9.90

Necklace: Czech glass beads & Lampwork beads
Length: Long
Color: Blue & White

419N: Dulcinea - SGD17.90 (reserved)

Choker: Cateyes beads and Czech glass beads
Button clasp
Color: Pink & Black

418N: Lyana - SGD12.00

Necklace: Czech glass beads & Acrylic beads
Color: Blue

Santa Claus has arrived...

Halo everyone,
I'm currently accepting orders for the Santa Claus. Swarovski crystals and pearls will be used. Its a double sided Santa face.
5% discount* will be given for more than 5 piecs in a single purchase.
* This is not in line with the usual promotion given.

Special for the X'mas!!!

Dear friends,

In addition to the monthly affair (Monthly Special), for the coming X'mas celebration, 15% discount will be given to all subsequent purchases* made in the month of December 09.

* Must have 1 purchase made from 26 Nov 09 till end of Dec 09
* Normal price item
* Regardless of amount

417N: Aimée - SGD29.90

Necklace: Czech glass beads, cateyes beads and cultured pearls
Color: Pink and Red
Close up pix

416N: Viona - SGD30.90

Necklace: Swarovski crystals
Color: Pink

412N: Krislyn - SGD29.90

Necklace: Swarovski crystal pearls & glass cube beads
Color: Green
close up view

411N: Enfys - SGD15.90

Long Necklace: Czech glass and acrylic beads
Color: Multi-color
Monthly Special : $11.90

Promotion for November 09

Monthly Special category continues.

Items classified under this category will be sold at a special price during the month indicated only.

Price is indicated at the bottom of the pix.

In addition, for every purchase of $100,
2 pairs of earrings from the
Monthly Special

will be yours

410BR: Gioconda II - SGD15.90

Stretch Bracelet: Wonder beads and Acrylic beads
Color: Red/Pink/Black/White

409N: Gioconda - SGD23.90

Necklace: Swarovski crystals Wonder beads and Acrylic beads
Color: Red/Pink/Black/White

408N: Feline - SGD35.90

Necklace/Pendant: Agate (Gemstone), Cateyes and Czech glass beads
Color: Agate - Red
Cateyes - White
Czech glass - Black

407N: Pulcherie - SGD30.90

Necklace: Cateyes & Lampwork beads
Color: Cateyes -Pink & White
Lampwork beads - Purple

405N: Kaelyn - SGD30.90

Necklace: Swarovski Crystals, Czech glass beads and Shell beads
Button claps.
Color: Green